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Pura Vida Periodical - March 2022

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

Feb 19, 2022 – BJJ seminar with “The Don” Henry Matamoros. Henry is a 4th-degree blackbelt under Pedro Sauer and Rickson Gracie. He is Wisconsin’s first blackbelt and Jake and Zak’s professor. He taught a really fun open-guard seminar, where he showed some techniques for how he uses it and explained why he plays the way he does. The OGs went out for a fun dinner at Bollywood Grill afterward, where Jake and Zak discovered their limits for spicy food! Some well-earned promotions were done before the seminar. Ian Richards, Vince O’Leary, Johnny Geiszler, and Brian Sullivan are our newest blue belts. Nick Klein finally tied his purple belt on. And Pura Vida BJJ & MMA’s very first home-grown black belt was earned by Mike Waltz! An amazing day, and some noteworthy accomplishments by some of our own!

Feb 26, 2022 – Fuji Tournament. The Pura Vida BJJ & MMA competition grappling team showed up and showed out! Led by Coach Courtnie Korpela, with an assist from Coach Omar Choudhury, we had 12 competitors take home 17 medals at this very competitive tournament. Some of the highlights include double golds for Mauricio Rodriguez, excellent performances from two of our teens – Hollis Nelson and Wyatt Moxom, Miro Stojanivic stepping up a weight class to challenge himself, and a tidy podium sweep of the men’s intermediate division by Edwin, Brooks Beffa, and Johnny Geiszler! Always great seeing our students take on the challenge of competition and winning just makes it taste a little sweeter!

BJJ Tournament
PV Students Dustin Diebitz, Johnny Geiszler, Mauricio Rodriguez, Edwin Jimenez-Perez, Hollis Nelson, Brooks Beffa, Anthony Sherman, and Nick Hepting, and Coach Courtnie Korpela

Mar 11, 2022 – Pure FC 22 in Stevens Point. We had two of our fighters enter the cage up in Point, and we walked out with two wins! Dylan Diebitz, with a focus on showing improvement in his striking, took a kickboxing fight two weight classes up at heavyweight. He was very methodical, and worked head and body well, before earning a second-round TKO. And the show-stealer, Bob “Hollywood” Sexton, took a fight on 24 hours’ notice against a local fighter with 9 fights under his belt! 37-year-old Bob is a full-time realtor (The Bob Sexton Team on Facebook), who had planned to come work the show as staff. He won his fight with an amazing head kick KO, moving his record to 2-1! We appreciate Bob, and we want to give a special thanks to his wife, Chrissy, for supporting him and loving him (even when he makes decisions to compete on 24 hours’ notice that she may or may not agree with)!

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